3. března 2014


Ahoj, jak se máte? Dnes mám pro vás článek deníčkového typu, co že se to během posledních dní událo v mém životě? Doufám že se vám podobný typ článku zálibí:)

EN: Hallo, how are you? I´ve got some life updates for you, some new clothes in my wardrobe, new books, movies I watched in past days etc. I hope you´ll like this kind of post.

1. New in my wardrobe
 I got this lovely hearted socks and I can wear them in loafers!
 I bought this short jumper with flowers on it, I´m going to wear it with my highwasted pants!
I´m going to buy this amazing sweatshirt from H&M, it is funny and I need some colours!
And I also bought three jumpers in Second hand, but I didn´t take a Picture of it so I´ll show you them in some other post :)

2. What happens?
I eat much more chocolate than I should and spend more money than I have.
My legs hurt right now!
I visited H&M Home store today and I really like it!

3. Read
I´m reading Hobbit and I bought This Side of Paradise by F. S. Fitzgerald.

4. Watch
I watched Factory girl (Warholka) and I really liked it, it is about Edie Sedgewick.

Another Movie I watched is The Magdalene Sisters (Padlé ženy) which I can highly recommend to you!

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